Best Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet in 2023

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Best Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet in 2023

The year 2021 was a mixed bag of emotions, with surreal highs and pivotal lows but everything centred around content on the digital space blew up by huge proportions. In this era of the Pandemic, digital marketing has been that uncracked ceiling which has always had the upper hand that helped businesses to evolve at a rate never seen before.

A Brief Introduction

Digital marketing is an ever evolving instrument that keeps changing trends every now and then. Keeping a tab with the Best digital marketing agency in Noida, we have come up with the cheat sheet that has successfully helped businesses to excel in the past and will continue to do so in 2022. The power of social media has slowly become an integral part of our day-to-day lives.  Through this blog, we at Garage Media aim to create the one-stop solution and hub of information for all your social media requirements while creating content.


This is a vital read before you start working on your content because you need to know how to mould it and present it on the different platforms to maximise its effectiveness and benefits.

Key Features To Keep In Mind While Creating Content In 2022

Here are some key areas to keep in mind while creating effective content that gives you something back in return…

  1. Digital Video:

    With the crunch in time, digital video is getting enhanced. In the year 2021, digital video was used as a new form of learning worldwide. It has certainly emerged as the most consumed category amongst all other forms of content like writing, speaking, etc. With the digital video market space growing at a surging rate of 14% yearly it is estimated by yahoo finance that “The global digital video content market is forecast to grow by $327.19 billion during 2021-2025, progressing at a CAGR of over 14% during the forecast period”, which makes digital video making a content pool to jump into.

  2. Blog Posting:

    Remember, content is something that is not considered as a filler but is considered as an engagement tool. So, If you begin to blog for just the reason of directly increasing your sales and conversions which is all money-centric, it means you don’t really understand the true benefits of blogging for marketing and promoting your business and brand as a whole. Blogs drive traffic and this is coined by many digital marketing companies in Noida. They help you rank better in search engines, which is enough to give you a brief idea about different kinds of topics that you can use in content marketing ideas for blogging.

  3. Inbound Marketing:

    Another, tried and tested way of doing something phenomenal in the digital world is by inbound marketing. This focuses on getting the attention of the prospects or influencers with the help of content marketing, social media marketing Strategy , and search marketing. It also assists with every step in a customer’s buying journey making it a good tool to track emotions via “empathy mapping.”

  4. Google Analytics:

    If you are unable to track your customer’s activities, you cannot set your upcoming strategies and offers. However, if you contact the best digital marketing agency, you can streamline everything. It will let you know how you can create events for any kind of audience and encourage user interaction. Google Analytics understands user behaviour and so it customises data reports improving your SEO and digital footprint all while finding your new or target audiences.

  5. Encourage Email Targeting:

    Well, this is an old-school technique but never seems to run out, only evolves. Through email marketing, you can strengthen your bond with your clients even if you are not keeping up much. Starting from sharing offers to celebrating special days (i.e. birthday/anniversary) and more, email marketing has not become dormant. It is active just like it was in the past because it reaches a set of already engaged audiences and delivers a targeted message which is focused on driving revenue and most importantly low on cost.

  6. Voice search and Chatbots:

    While we believe that voice search has come out impressively. In the year 2021 this tool of artificial intelligence has seen its dawn as many were found at home with work or learning home-cooking recipes through voice assistance.

    As mentioned earlier, communications have always worked to bring people together. Chatbots on the same note have helped businesses to interact with people and thereby help brands reach new heights. As this is a unique feature, it helps develop consumer journeys with their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, it also facilitates a balance between automation and customization.

  7. Posting Periodic Content:

    Well,there is no harm if you sail through with well-settled content. Because then, you have everything planned according to the periodic table. From content strategy to metrics everything was well-planned and executed for the year 2021 which can be optimised even further this year.

  8. Landing Optimization & Retargeting Strategies:

    As things have gone online since last year, a digital marketing company in Noida has worked hard for designing and optimization landing pages. As shared by digital marketing experts, the necessary things that they have incorporated are compelling headlines and crisp introductions. This further included FAQs, graphics, and a call to action.

    The cheat sheet which our best digital marketing company has shown claims to simplify the process of retargeting your consumer. This helps to know your consumers all over again and magnify the loopholes that might have been missed out while pitching up in the first place.

  9. Social Media for Brand:

    We see that many digital marketing companies have spent days bringing out messages of business in the most native yet interesting form. Additionally, social media has come as a rescue for making things simplified. It will help you to choose an array of right gateways for social channels.

  10. Communities:

    It is better to bring out the word from the society. It is increasingly difficult and expensive to reach out to the core target audience while breaking the clutter of communication. Social media is driven by the community and for the community as it brings people of every stature towards a common goal.

  11. Mapping Online and Offline:

    Most brands split their efforts into two. This compensates efforts and budget across various channels. Whereas the consumer doesn’t want to go in a pre-defined pathway. Even two brands under the same category could have different consumer journeys which is why it is of utmost importance to map them.

    Influencer marketing grabs a special place in the era of Digital Marketing

    Influencer marketing has been able to grab a special place for exposure in the past couple of years. The enumerable best digital marketing agency are pacing up with influencer marketing tactics. Brands have adopted new methods for engagement that segregate influencer marketing strategies.

    Being an A to Z strategy, digital marketing helps with everything that deals with search engine marketing, pay per click, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and graphic designing. So, whether you choose one or more for your business, digital marketing is the thing that needs to be achieved for healing one’s business.

    As the digital space keeps on evolving in today’s online habitat, it is a never-ending process.

    With the all-new digital space that has created itself in 2020, it is sure that it is here to stay. So, be it your professional portfolio to business websites and gateways and others, you need to be all-time ready to excel.


    Cheat sheets are the best form to improvise your business and get ready for the big years ahead. So, here you go! Here you would have got the top ten digital marketing cheat sheet hacks plus a few bonus tips through which you can excel your business with the better assistance of our digital marketing company in Noida.


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