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The first day of shoot is never the first day of project. Before the camera rolls, there’re days and sometimes weeks spent on pre-production. It’s complicated and sometimes intimidating 😛

The outcomes are magical backed by an idea that taps into your audience emotions and for that all we need is a brief. Oh! I beg my pardon, ideas over ideas over ideas all spread on the table for you to choose. And actually that tiny document is all it takes for the team to run like wild horses. Faster and faster we run when it’s a crunch time.

Idea transforms into screen play and screen play transforms into scripts.

As Stanley Kubrik said, “If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed”.

And then arrive the story board that reads the right team for the right job, from director to cinematographer, from camera crew to actors and from actors to music directors.

One team gets on the job of location scouting and permits and few busy working to make it in the mediumbudget and rest on the equipments, rehearsals and props.

No we are ready with the self-sufficient and fully equipped team.

And now it’s time for LIGHTS, CAMERA & ACTION

We are here are brutally honest to you about the complex, multifaceted steps that both our team goes through but still we put energies to comfort you with passing minimal stress possible.

Cut and Lights OFF!

Team is on post production sometimes the same day, which is a daunting process for many, we have mastered it with experience and manage animation, diverse color grading, transitions, graphics with skills earned in years.

Edit, add, delete! Edit, add, Delete! Edit, add, delete!

After this spectacular journey we travelled together, we are ready with the story you always wanted to tell your costumers.

And this is our team’s favorite,

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes” -Robert Atlman.

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