We believe that Garage is where ideas are born,
parts are tinkered with and groundbreaking products
are churned out.


Legacy of Garage Media

We create interesting ideas for brands that people find emotionally relevant and engage with in deeper, more meaningful ways.

Research proves time and again that the more interesting the idea, the more it gets noticed and captures hearts and minds. In a world where we are bombarded daily by thousands of messages, interesting gives you a commercial edge.

But we believe we are also morally obliged to make interesting work. Our industry’s output tends towards the formulaic and forgettable. Consumers often describe it as an irritant – or worse, as a social pollutant. We want to provide an antidote with ideas that absorb, reward and enrich the audience.

The world likes more interesting. The world needs more interesting. We deliver more interesting.

It is about doing something fresh and inimitable. What it means for clients is that we deliver intuitive, holistic and impactful digital solutions that lead to branding and ROI.


We Are On A Mission

We are a full service, digitally agency with a reputation for disruptive creative.

In the ever-evolving sea of white noise, Garage Media is on a mission to save the world from boring advertising, the type that’s always on repeat and never paid attention to.

It’s our belief that smart, sharp creative outperforms expensive media buys any day of the week. Forget about superficial impressions, we create direct hits which resonate with your audience on a human level.

Challenger brands come to us to fly and big brands come to soar.




Clear Campaign Goals aligned to Business Objectives

Gathering and Understanding TG insights

Data Driven Selection of media channels

Data driven approach for creating digital assets and ad messages

Targeting Techniques to eliminate spillage

Consistent cross channel messages


Use of GA platform to manage, track and optimize branding and lead campaigns.

Deploy Lead management system.

Leverage technology to combine sales performance with media data in order to calculate true ROI.

Use predictive technology to encourage ideal outcomes.


We know which keywords and media placements are most profitable.

We know which ad messaging and creative themes will resonate well with the TG.

We understand which internal and external factors will affect our campaign and will react real time


We understand the role of digital media channels in the consumer purchase journey.

We ensure brand consistency across all channels.

We know how online media impact offline actions like phone calls, in-store purchases.


We shift investments to channels that are driving most efficient conversions.

We constantly monitor tracking codes.

We ensure our media plans are flexible and we can move in a nimble manner.

You love the approach?

Garage Collective Company

Institute of Film Training
and Digital Marketing

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