The Work Process at Garage Media, Best Advertising Company In India

Best Advertising Company in India

The Work Process at Garage Media, Best Advertising Company In India

Here’s how Ads are created in the best Advertising Company in India

Here is the process through which we create one of the best and most creative ads in the industry

If you came across the question “which is the best advertising company in India?” Look no further because Garage Media is counted among the top advertising company in India. Based at Noida, UP, Garage Media deliver to clients from all over the world. This blog will let you understand the work process at Garage Media and will help you choose Garage Media as your next marketing company.

We would like to say it beforehand some of the steps are exclusively developed for Garage Media which ensures a higher-quality deliverable to the clients as well as makes a strong working bond within the teams. So, here are the steps involved in creating a successful advertisement in the best advertising company in India.

The majority of advertising, marketing, design, and PR firms work along with the same basic concept of steps. Some steps might be skipped or combined, but the basic structure is often the same.

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Impressive ads are not created in one day, they need time to thrive

Steps for excellent advertising and strong business relationships:

  1. In the beginning, the media manager and team meet with the client to identify their requirements and the problems that need to be resolved.
  2. As per his/her responsibility, the media manager writes a creative brief based on the requirements. The brief will also include competitive analysis, trend research, the assistance of the planner and creative director, and, eventually, a sign-off from the client.
  3. The media manager then develops a presentation and briefs the creative team about the requirements and the problem faced by the client. With this, he/she establishes a timeline for the project, budgets are allocated, and proposed media requirements.
  4. Now the responsibility comes on the creative team who works tirelessly under the guidance of the media manager and creative director. The creative team brings the first draft of the ideas to the creative director.
  5. The creative director will eliminate the ideas that won’t help in resolving the client’s problem and will direct the team to explore better ideas.
  6. The creative team will continue to work on the ideas and if necessary, ask for assistance from the production team. As said before, the media manager, creative director as well as media consultants might or might not be enlisted depending on the complexity of the project.
  7. As the work on the project moves forward, the production department will estimate if there are printed pieces involved and/or video/photoshoot is required.
  8. Near the end of the process, the creative director approves the final ideas that are presented to the client by the media manager.
  9. Now, the client will take their own time to discuss the ideas before giving feedback to us. The feedback from the client might result in a reworking of ideas, or a green signal to move into the execution of the selected ideas. At this point, new budget and timeline will be approved once again.
  10. This time, the creative team works closely with the account team, the media-buying team, production team, and the creative director to develop the ads in whatever form has been agreed to. This includes social media ads, banner ads, printed pieces, TV ads, YouTube ads, etc.
  11. Once all the ads are completely developed, they are packed and present in front of the client for approval. If the client gives their approval, the ads are published online, in print, outdoor, tv, or in any other media that we agreed on.
  12. Garage Media will then monitor the analytics of the online ads and trends of the offline ads. We also analyze the required results of the ads and then give feedback to the client.
  13. 1Now, the clients don’t only pay us with money but also with gratitude and a strong business relationship that last forever.

This is the whole process of development of advertisement at the best Advertising Company in India, Garage Media. None of this is possible without our extremely hardworking creative team and production team members who don’t leave a single stone unturned for the sake of the development of finest ads at Garage Media. We are not the trendsetter; we are the trend.

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